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Pond Pump -- Used to circulate the water of your pond and keep it clear and healthy by delivering the water to the ponds filtration system.  The pump is also used to power your waterfall or fountain spray that most ponds typically have.

Pond Filtration -- An absolute necessity for fish ponds.  These come in many forms, but to cover the basics you should at minimum have mechanical filtration and biological filtration.  The pond skimmer is a good example of mechanical filtration.  It removes solids such as leaves from your pond.  This in turn keeps your pond pump from clogging up and running inefficiently.  This also will cut down on you physically having to maintain the pond.  A pressure filter or a biological waterfall is what is then used for biological filtration.  These filters is what remove the impurities and toxins from your pond that are left behind from decomposing organic matter such as fish waste, food, plants, and dead bugs.  The filter uses beneficial bacteria to break down these toxins which is the food supply for bad organisms and algae that cause poor water quality.  There are other factors such as pond aeration and UV clarifying that you may need to consider if the the demands of your pond require it.  Please click on those words for more information.

Pond Liner -- This is a membrane that holds the water.  You will see two kinds of membranes in the market.  EPDM liner and PVC liner.  We only use EPDM liner for many reasons, but primarily for its durability.  EPDM pond liner will last decades if properly installed with geotextile underlayment where as PVC might give you 5 years before you start to see problems with leakage.

Pond Plumbing -- A component that is much overlooked when installing a fish pond.  Selecting the correct plumbing is paramount to the pumps performance and overall circulation and delivery.  There many things to consider in the plumbing of your water feature and is beyond the scope of this diagram.  However, if you want to know more about pump calculations and pipe dynamics please click on those two words for a more in depth explanation.

Pond Lighting -- Although it is not a must have in your fish pond, it is worth mentioning, since enjoying a pond at night has its own relaxing qualities.  With the proper placement of lighting in and around your fish pond, you are adding hours of extra enjoyment as well as a different dimension to your landscaping. 

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