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Ultra Sonic Algae Control

Ultra Sonic Algae Control

before ultrasonicafter ultrasonicControl algae without chemicals!

These Ultra Sonic Algae Systems are a great way to easily control algae in water features and ponds up to three acres!
Provides up to ten years of control with a single purchase — operates on pennies per day!
Use to control chara, filamentous algae, plantonic algae and oscillatoria blue-green algae.

Ultra Sonic Algae Control
is affected by two parameters:
1 Distance from unit
2 Type of algae being controlled


How it works:

In most basic terms, the algae cells get shaken to bits! In little more detailed terms, the control box of the Ultrasound system has a micro chip that digitally generates a range of ultrasound frequencies.  The transducer (under the water) then emits these frequencies as a series of pulses five times per second. As these pulses strike the algae cells they start to oscillate. The cells reach a point where they burst, much like an opera singer smashing a wine glass on the right note!  Not only will ultrasound kill algae but it also eliminates “biofilm”. This is the slime that can be found on submerged surfaces (ie. rocks, liner, etc.). Over time algae grows on the biofilm. Ultrasound waves prevent biofilm as well as other water born pathogens such as E.coli.  The ultrasound waves emitted are absorbed as they travel thru the water. In essence, they become weaker the further way they travel from the transducer. As a result, easy to control algae types can be controlled far out into the pond while harder to control strains, like Chara, will be controlled in close ranges but not as far away. See the charts for approximate coverage areas for various strains of algae. While the initial purchase price is higher than chemicals for controlling algae, the increasing cost of these products along with many new paperwork regulations coming make these units a great control method. Divide the cost of an ultrasound unit by ten (average life span in years) and the cost per year is very comparable to chemical algae control, its better for the environment and you install it, plug it in and your done - no maintenance!  It is important that the transducer is located in the proper location of the pond. Islands, bays and other obstacles in the pond will limit the effectiveness of the unit.

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