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Pond De-icers

Pond winterization with a Pond deicer

pond deicer imageOne of the best ways to winterize your pond is by using a floating or submersible pond deicer.  But what exactly is a pond de-icer and how does it differ from a pond heater?

What is a pond de icer? Pretty much the name says it all.  It is a device that prevents ice from forming in an area of your pond.  There are 2 kids of de-icers the floating deicer and submersible.  What their function is to prevent ice from sealing the surface of your pond thus trapping harmful gasses that can make your fish sick or even kill them.  Deicers are designed to only work in temperatures of 32F to 45F so they do not heat or control the climate of your pond. 
Easy Pro Pond Deicer
Easy Pro Pond Deicer
Farm Innovators
Farm Innovators
Heavy Duty Pond Deicer/Circulator
Heavy Duty Pond Deicer/Circulator

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