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External Pump -- In most spray fountain projects, the use of an external pump is employed. The main reasons for this are that often times the pressure and flow requirements of the fountain nozzles are high and achieving that with submersible pumps can be difficult if not costly. External pumps also offer an out-of-the-way look to the fountain, and thus takes out what many would consider and eyesore. It is not to say that a submersible pump can not be used for these fountains. In some cases, it would be the only option of the project.

Fountain Filter -- Often times this is an overlooked component in these types of water features, but nevertheless; should always be used. Many fountain spray nozzle heads have very small holes on them, and thus are easily clogged. It is much easier to maintain a filter than having to remove your fountain nozzles to clean them.

Fountain Spray Nozzle -- These come in many patters and sizes. You will need to select the pattern and how many of them prior to determining the fountain pump you will be using. For more and fountain nozzle pressure requirements click here

Fountain Lighting -- Without lighting, you simply can not enjoy a fountain at night. Additionally, if this fountain is for a public area or an entryway to a business or residence neighborhood, the absence of lighting will defeat the entire purpose of the fountain. In many water feature applications, lighting would typically be considered an option, but in the case of these kinds of fountains, we strongly believe it to be a requirement.

Auto-Fill Valve -- Turbulence, wind, and evaporation are part of what a fountain does. It is even more of an issue with these water features because in many cases the fountain nozzles proper performance depends on whether it has the correct water level. That is why an auto fill valve is important to have. We can not tell you how many times customers call us after an installation wanting one after refusing to put one in to save a few dollars. You will end up having a garden hose laying in your beautiful fountain and someone having to constantly turn off and refill the fountain. The cost of that labor and headache will always exceed the cost of a auto-fill.

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