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Fountain Pumps

Our submersible pumps and inline fountain pumps turn fountain making easy! We offer fountain pumps to fit any size fountain project..

If you are looking for a  mini fountain pump, indoor fountain pump, outdoor fountain pump, table top fountain pump, or any other type of submersible pump or inline fountain pump then we have just what you need.

All of our fountain pumps include a full factory warranty please see below for a full detailed list.

Aquasis Submersible Fountain Pumps
Aquasis Submersible Fountain Pumps
AquaTop Fountain Pumps
AquaTop Fountain Pumps
Danner Manufacturing The Fountain Pump
Danner Manufacturing The Fountain Pump
Fountain pumps from the name you can trust.  Great for concrete and wall fountains.
EasyPro Mag-Drive Fountain Pumps
EasyPro Mag-Drive Fountain Pumps
Fountain Pro Pumps
Fountain Pro Pumps
Submersible pumps good for statuary, table top, and all decorative fountains.
Pondmaster Inline and Submersible Fountain Pumps
Pondmaster Inline and Submersible Fountain Pumps
Durable fountain and pond pump.  Can be used externally or submersible.  Has a three year warranty.
American Pond APJR150 Small Submersible Fountain Pump

American Pond APJR150 Small Submersible Fountain Pump

American Pond APJR150 Small Submersible Fountain Pump

It is most often used in fountain making for small fountains less than one foot tall.

  • Flow Rate: 40 GPH
  • Max Head 27"
  • Two Prong 6' Power Cord
  • Power: 2.4 Watts
  • Adjustable Flow Rate: No
  • Outlet: 5/16"
  • Dimensions: 1-1/2"" x 1-1/4" x 1-1/6"

Buy 1 or more of this item for $8.99 each
Buy 6 or more of this item for $8.65 each
Buy 12 or more of this item for $8.28 each
Buy 24 or more of this item for $7.99 each

Most Common Fountain and Pond Pump Questions

"Max Head" :  What this means is the fountain pump’s maximum vertical push.  For example if a fountain pump has a max head of 6 feet it means that the pump will not push water beyond that point.  This is to not be confused with shooting the water up in the air 6 feet.  Max head for a fountain pump means the water will travel through pipe to that vertical height.  So if your statue fountain is 6 feet tall you do not want a fountain pump that has a max head of 6 feet.  You would be looking for a fountain pump that has a max head beyond the total height of your fountain. 

"GPH" : Short for GALLONS PER HOUR.  Most times when you see a submersible or inline fountain pump listed it will show you a GPH.  This rate is typically a measurement of the flow at 0 feet.  As a fountain or pond pump push water vertically, the GPH decrease until the pond pump reaches its max head. 

"GPM" : Short for GALLONS PER HOUR and the same rates apply as above.

"Pump Curve" : This is the relation between GPH and the max head of a fountain or pond pump.  Many pumps will have this curve in the form of a chart which will tell you how many gallons per hour you will get at a given foot height.  For example an 800 gallon per hour pond pump at zero feet will give you 500 gallons per hour at 6 feet.  All fountain and pond pumps are not made exactly the same so you would need to check the pumps particular pump curve in order to get an accurate account however approximations can be made such as the case in this example.  

"Water Volume" : This is one of the harder things to determine when selecting a waterfall pump.  1000 GPH for one application may be a mad rush of water and just a trickle for the other.  For all intents and purposes 2000 GPH is considered high volume.  A common mistake people make with water volume is they do not use the proper pipe diameter for their fountain pump.  To much reduction and the friction loss will greatly affect the flow of your pond pump, so no matter how many gallons per hour your waterfall pump can produce, if you are using a ½ inch diameter liner for a 5000 GPH pond pump, you will still get very little flow and in fact can damage your fountain pump. So then how much water volume do I need and how big of a pond pump? Again this depends on the project at hand.  If your fountain does not state the GPH needed its wise to call an expert.    Waterfalls and streams have a more calculated method to use. For every inch of stream width or waterfall fall sheet, you will need to deliver 100 gallons per hour at the height you're pumping. So if you are building a 12” wide waterfall that is three feet tall, you need to buy a pump that will be pumping 1200 gallons per hour at three feet of height.  This could mean a 1200 GPH waterfall pump or a 1500 GPH waterfall pump depending on its pump curve. Again speak to someone who knows to best determine your needs.

As to the actual circulation of your pond it is generally accepted that the amount of gallons you have in your pond be re-circulated once an hour.  However, if you have a pond that has a heavy population of wildlife you may need to increase that flow.  Really large ponds also do not necessarily need to be flipped once an hour.  A 35,000 gallon pond will take time to get polluted to the point of hazard.  A 7000 GPH pond pump will work well to keep the air exchange in such a pond. 

External Pumps?

Also known as in-line pumps.  You will find these pumps usually if for example your electricity is not close by you can run pipe to get the water.  External pond pumps are also used for concrete ponds where a submersible pump may not look so pleasing in the pond. 

Should my Pump Have a 2-wire plug or a 3-wire plug?

If you plan on having your fountain pump plugged outdoors where the outlet can get wet always use a 3-wire plug.  2-wire is strictly an indoor fountain pump and if you ask me I would use a 3 wire indoors too.  Only in situations like table top fountains where the 3 wire fountain pumps are just too think for the fountain can you work with a 2-wire pump.  

Why do pumps burn out so fast?

The most common reason is they run dry.  If a fountain pump spins with no water will get to hot and the internal components will melt.  This can happen in just a few minutes, It is really important that a pond pump never run dry not even a short period.  Some pond pumps have thermal controls which will shut off automatically if they get to hot but to much of this cycling will damage the waterfall pump too.

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